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ACOE Student Teacher members  receive ONE MILLION DOLLARS of professional liability insurance, the same insurance as ACOE classroom teachers. Membership dues are only $25 for a 12 month period. Click Here for more information

ACOE Student Teachers also receive 50% off their first year of an ACOE membership as a certified classroom teacher and have access to more great savings with ACOE’s SparkFly and WellCard discount programs. Click Here for more information

“Now Alabama student teachers have a clear and concise choice for their professional organization, and it is only $25 a year.
-Stephen Bunt Ed.S.

Helpful Information for ACOE Student Teachers

Student Teacher Pitfalls

The Alabama Code of Educator Ethics is a must read. Not only read, but it must be adhered to every day that you are an Alabama teacher .

Tips and Tools

A list of simple strategies and proven tips collected over the years. You can submit any strategy or tips that you have for other student teachers.

Top Interview Questions

Here you will find a list of possible interview questions. Become familiar with these questions because odds are, you will be asked many of them.

Teach In Alabama

You should fill out the ALSDE’s online Application and search for open teaching positions. It is not an exhausted list, but it is a good start.

Build a Great Portfolio

Creating a Portfolio is a simple way to help organize your thoughts and teaching abilities and at the same time, help you have a good interview.

Fitting In

The A E I O U of how to make your student teaching experience a success. Follow these suggestions and you will have success.

School Contact Info

This link goes to the State Department of Education’s website page that gives you a few options on how to view school contact information.

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Start your professional career as an Alabama Educator off right. ACOE Student Teacher would love to have you as a member. Join Today!

Why Become an ACOE Student Teacher? Here’s Why.

ACOE is the fastest growing non-union professional teachers association in Alabama. As an ACOE Student Teacher, you will become a member in Alabama’s best professional teachers association.
  • ACOE Student Teacher dues are only $25 a year
  • $1 Million Dollars of liability coverage
  • A true professional teacher’s association
  • Not a labor union
  • Does not support any political party or candidate
  • 50% OFF full membership dues your first year as a teacher
  • 100% of all money stays in Alabama to support Alabama teachers
  • Access to many great discounts and promotions
  • We care about each and every member
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Join Alabama’s fasting growing non-union professional teachers association today. ACOE Student Teacher was created by Alabama teachers for Alabama’s Student Teachers. You now have a choice.
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All ACOE Student Teacher members will receive 50% off of their …..
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